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risenfly 06-13-2017 10:29 AM

First trip to AZ
So I just got back from a trip to AZ yesterday. The unfortunate part is I didn't have any time to fish. I'll be back again and will make sure that's in the schedule. We flew into Phoenix on Thursday and drove about an hour to a place called Circle City where my wife was born and lived until she was 9. Met a few neighbors that still live there 25 years later now and went into Wickenburg to eat at Anitas. Man your salsa is good down there! We then headed up to Sedona where my wife's good fried from high school and college was getting married.
Went to the Grand Canyon Friday and did the typical tourist look outs and hiked about 1.5 miles down. We probably would have went further but everyone looked half dead walking back up and we didn't want to overdo it.
Saturday was the wedding but it wasn't until 6 so we hit sugarloaf and the coffee pot for a few hours. Nice easy hike with next to no one else around. Beautiful wedding at the ridge at sedona golf resort that night. Sunday we hit bell rock and then drove closer to Phoenix to stay with some other family friends to make the drive to the airport the next day a little easier.

Overall it was just beautiful. Pennsylvania is gorgeous in it's own way and so is AZ. The desert, rock formations, sunsets, etc were really something I've never seen before. We really lucked out with the weather and it wasn't hot pretty much the whole trip. Stepped out of the airport back in Pittsburgh (city of champions I might add!) and you could cut the humidity with a knife it was so thick. We really enjoyed our stay for many reasons; scenery was great, food was good, and we left our 4 kids back at home so it was a perfect trip for us. I can't wait to get back and this time the rod will see the water.


Pinetopbob 06-13-2017 02:19 PM

You should watch the weather in Arizona for the next 8 days.

It's a dry heat.............................................. .........

Westy 06-13-2017 03:49 PM

Next time you are out this way bring a fly rod. You were nearby some quality fisheries including Oak Creek which you probably in Sedona , Lee's Ferry and some of the lakes around Flagstaff.

Good to hear you enjoyed the trip.

SAT 06-13-2017 05:36 PM

Glad you enjoyed the visit! Next time you will definitely enjoy the fishing especially if you like to hike a bit. It will take you to some beautiful places.

risenfly 06-14-2017 11:06 AM

I had a rod and everything with me but just didn't have time. First time without 4 kids in 7 years so I decided on quality time with my wife instead of fishing by myself. Next time though.

I love the walk and stalk fishing. I'd much rather put a few miles in while fishing than be sitting in the same hole or 2 all day long.

I know we lucked out with the weather. Triple digits make me grateful of the weather here in PA. BTW if anyone ever heads out this way make sure to get in touch and I'll be more than happy to share info on all the amazing fishing in PA. I would put the fly fishing in PA up against just about any state in the East.

wolleybug 06-17-2017 09:15 PM

I fished PA quite a few times when I lived back east. I don't miss the creepy ticks crawling all over me after a walk through the brush. But the fall colors are a sight that everyone should see.

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