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AJacks 11-28-2018 09:50 PM

U-40 cork sealer
Does anyone seal their cork with this stuff? How has it worked for you?

Also I have a small chunk missing in the cork on one of my rods... about as big around as a pencil eraser but not as deep... what can be done to fix it? Or should I just get some fine sandpaper and smooth it out some?

AJacks 11-28-2018 10:02 PM

I found most of the little chunk that was missing... I was think I could use a little wood glue or epoxy and glue it back in... then when it dries smooth out any remaining areas with fine grain sandpaper?

SAT 11-29-2018 07:52 AM

I would glue the missing piece back in. Then for smaller holes if you have any cork dust you can mix that with some wood glue and use it to fill in the smaller cracks and pits. Then smooth it with fine sandpaper as needed.

DrLogik 12-03-2018 06:57 PM

I've built a fair number of rods but I don't consider myself a "builder" but here's my take based on my experience. U-40 or any cork sealer is a double-edged sword. I don't use any sealer.

Here's why...

Depending on which sealer you use the cork can take on what I feel is a fake, plastic gummy kind of feel. I don't like it. To me it negates the whole concept of the tactile grippy feel of cork.

Once the rod gets a few years on the handle the handle will get dirty and it is much harder to clean.

As far as the hole, I'd try to re-use the broken piece if you still have it and epoxy it back in the hole and sand it smooth. If you have any cork dust you can mix some into the epoxy and the repair will be less noticeable.

Sasquatch 12-04-2018 12:16 PM

I left the plastic heat shrink on my last couple rods. My buddy make fun of it but I like it. No more dried out cracked skin. Tempted to try the sealer on my other rods.

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